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Hills Food, Shelter & Love


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Hills Food, Shelter & Love


It takes many dedicated trustees, staff members, and contractors to provide the extraordinary programs and services that we offer to our community. Feel free to contact any of our staff members or stop by the shelter to find out how we might assist you with your adoption, surrender, or pet-care needs.

Our Team


You can reach any staff member by calling the shelter’s main line: 802-375-2898.

Board of Trustees

Jim Evans, President

Maria Timmerman, Vice President

Sharry Rutken, Treasurer

Madeline Kennedy, Secretary

Bo Bergman, DVM

Nancy Boardman

Lisa Byer

Shelli DuBoff

Kimberly Gould

Angie Marano

Judy Murphy

Julius Rosenwald III

Randy Schmidt

Service Providers

Emily Dowd, DVM (Veterinarian)

Raymond Koch, DVM (Veterinarian)

Katie McKenzie (Dog Behaviorist)

Olivia Moyant (Surgical Assistant)

Maureen Stadnik (Website Manager)

     Cassie Vosburgh                         Cathi Comar                                     Cathleen Perrone                      Chelsea Hewinson

       Hope Hersey                               Karli Fisher                                      Kate Ernst                                  Mechelle Gates

                    Michelle Kopeski                                 Rik Champine                                        Santana Snyder


                     Sarah Braman                                           Shona Ross                                       Troy Quinn

Cathi Comar, Executive Director

802-375-2898 ext. 307

Shona Ross, Director of Shelter Operations

802-375-2898 ext. 302

Kate Ernst, Office Manager

802-375-2898 ext. 303

Cathleen Perrone, Community Programs Coordinator

802-375-2898 ext. 312

Sarah Braman, Medical Care Coordinator

802-375-2898 ext. 306

Mechelle Gates, Feline Coordinator

802-375-2898 ext. 304

Troy Quinn, Canine Coordinator

802-375-2898 ext. 305

Chelsea Hewinson, Feline Associate

802-375-2898 ext. 304

Santana Snyder, Service Advisor

802-375-2898 ext. 0

Michelle Kopeski, Feline Care Technician

Rik Champine, Feline Care Technician

Cassie Vosburgh, Feline Care Technician

Hope Hersey, Canine Care Technician

Karli Fisher, Canine Care Technician