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Cat Adopter Profile

Dog Adopter Profile

Release Authorization

Adoption Process

We want to make the best match possible!

An important adoption goal is to match the right animal with the right home. The shelter staff will work with you and counsel you about specific animals during your visit to identify the cat, dog, or small critter that will work best for your family and household. Keep in mind that adopting an animal is potentially a 10 to 15 year commitment, so be patient and move forward with an adoption only when you are fully prepared.

Here are some helpful adoption guidelines:

1. With the exception of most small critters, animals adopted from SCAC are spay/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated with age-appropriate vaccines, and treated for parasites. Cats and dogs over 7 years of age have also had senior health profiles completed, and these results are shared with you and copied for your veterinarian.

2. To expedite the adoption process, complete a Cat Adopter Profile or a Dog Adopter Profile (and the Release Authorization if you have other pets or rent your home) before your visit. You can also complete these forms during your visit but may not be able to adopt an animal that day. Since SCAC is a private organization, we do reserve the right to deny any adoption application for any reason.

3. With an approved adopter profile, you can adopt a feline the same day as your visit. Canine adoptions usually take 2-3 days since we require additional visits with other household members and/or other household dogs.

4. After an adoption is completed, the animals must go home that same day. Because we are not a boarding facility, SCAC does not hold animals beyond the adopted date.

5. All medical records and existing treatment plans will be copied for you and your veterinarian.

6. All adoptions fees are tax deductible (since the cost of our care far exceeds the fees we charge) and due upon completion of the adoption. Keep your receipt for tax purposes.

Special Adoption Programs

Ask about the following programs during your visit:

Adoption Fees for Felines:

Adoption Fees for Canines:


Adoption Fees for Small Critters (please use the Cat Adopter Profile):

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