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Reporting Animal Abuse

Second Chance Animal Center works with children and adults to provide education focusing on responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of animals. Sadly, animal abuse and neglect continues to happen. To help animals being treated badly or cared for improperly, the community must speak for those unable to help themselves.

In the state of Vermont, there are laws in place to protect all animals. Title 13 outlines these important laws, and it’s best to understand what you are reporting to the proper authority.

Our shelter does not conduct investigations of reported cruelty, and the information below will help guide you to the appropriate reporting site and contact person. In many cases, if an Animal Control Officer or local police department is not listed, please contact the Vermont State Police directly.

Arlington: Robyn Champine (802- 430-9564)

Bennington:  Kim Krawczyk (802-442-1048)

Dorset:   Ryan Downey (802-362-7322)

Dover:   Sonny Brown (802-348-6371)

Landgrove:  Town Clerk (802-824-3716 or 802-824-6129)

Manchester: Manchester Police Department (802-362-2022 or 802-362-2121)

Peru:  Town Clerk (802-824-3065)

Pownal:  Leonard Kote (802-379-8771)

Readsboro: Marcia Evans (917-287-2277)

Rupert:  Kelly Raymond (802-394-7862)

Sandgate: Erin Malloy/ McDermott (802-375-5606)

Searsburg: Daniel Hollister (802-464-5040 or 802-380-0534)

Shaftsbury: Robyn Champine (802- 430-9564)

Stamford: Luke McKay (802-694-1441)

Stratton:  Town Clerk (802-896-6184)

Sunderland: Kevin Hewes (802-379-4173)

Wardsboro: Town Clerk (802-896-6055)

Winhall:  Pat Salo (802-297-1032)    

Woodford: Town Clerk (802-442-4865)

Vermont State Police: Shaftsbury Barricks (802- 442-5421)