About Us

Second Chance Animal Center, established in 1959 as the Bennington County Humane Society, is a private, limited-admission, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that serves the needs of homeless animals as well as the needs of pet owners in our community. Our service area includes: all towns in Bennington County, Vermont; the towns of Cambridge, Salem, Shushan, and White Creek in Washington County, New York; Eagle Bridge in Rensselaer County, New York; and North Adams and Williamstown in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Residents in these areas can participant in any of our community programs.


Second Chance Animal Center is dedicated to providing compassionate shelter and adoption services for the animals in our care, improving the lives of companion animals in the communities that we serve via spay/neuter assistance, humane education, advocacy, and humane investigative advice and assistance to law enforcement agencies. (Approved March 4, 2015)


Originally incorporated as the Bennington County Humane Society, we changed our business name to Second Chance Animal Center in 2000 to better reflect our shelter philosophy, scope of services, and expanded service area beyond Bennington County. We purchased our first shelter site in 1961 (Shaftsbury, VT), then designed and built a new state-of-the-art facility in Arlington (VT) in 2018.

Board of Trustees

Our Team

Maria Timmerman, President

Kim Williams, Vice President

Wendy Rizio, Treasurer

Julia Craig, Secretary

Dr. Bo Bergman

Nancy Boardman

Al Dean

Debra Derosia

Shelli DuBoff

Kathy Leech

Julius Rosenwald

Sharry Rutken


Dr. Raymond Koch

Dr. Monika Jones

Dr. Sarah Blau

Service Providers

Maureen Kelly, Website Manager

Katie McKenzie – Dog Lovers Training


The following staff members are available to help you.

Cathi Comar, Executive Director

[email protected]

802-375-2898 ext. 307

Shona Ross, Director of Shelter Operations

[email protected]

802-375-2898 ext. 302

Santana Snyder, Feline Coordinator

[email protected]

802-375-2898 ext. 304

Troy Quinn, Canine Supervisor

[email protected]

802-375-2898 ext. 305

Jodi Stewart, Medical Care Coordinator

[email protected]

 802-375-2898 ext. 306

Kate Bell, Youth Education and Programs Coordinator

[email protected]

802-375-2898 ext. 309

[email protected]

802-375-2898 ext. 312

Sabrina Lacross, Service Advisor

[email protected]

Michelle Kopeski, Feline Care Technician

Cortney Fancett, Feline Care Technician

Trista Blackmer, Feline Intake Technician

Chloe Moran, Feline Intake Technician

Frank Sala, Feline Care Technician

Stephanie Witt, Canine Care Technician

Alaura Lasher, Canine Care Technician

Ashley Coones, Feline Care Technician