Support Our Mission

Second Chance Animal Center is a community organization that depends on support from its community to fulfill its important mission. Since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent as allowed by law.

We offer a variety of ways for you to support our work. You can make a one-time donation, maintain an ongoing monthly contribution, donate to a specific program, or include SCAC in your estate planning.

For donors who want to secure Second Chance’s future through Planned Giving, we encourage you to contact your attorney if you wish to make a contribution through your will, a revocable living trust, or as a life insurance beneficiary. Your financial planner can assist you with IRA rollovers, a charitable gift annuity, or allocation of retirement assets. Supporters who contribute through Planned Giving become part of our Forever Friends donor category.

If you prefer to speak with a shelter representative instead of submitting a donation online, please contact our Executive Director at 802-375-2898 ext. 307 or at [email protected].

Ways to Support Second Chance

General Donations

To make an online donation click here or use the DONATE NOW button at the top of this page. If the donation is In Memory of or In Honor of someone, click “add a note to your donation” to indicate the name of the person as well as the address for an acknowledgment letter. You can also set up automatic monthly donations through PayPal.

In-kind donations of pet food, towels, cleaning products, and other items from our WISH LIST are always welcomed. We have a large donation cart at the front entrance of our building where these items can be placed. To receive acknowledgment for an in-kind donation, please come inside and complete a donation form.

Adoption Sponsorships

Participate in our Adoption Sponsorship program and help a shelter animal find their forever home. You select which cat, dog, or critter you want to sponsor, donate the appropriate funds to cover their adoption fee, and then we create a flyer that is posted in our adoption books and on our lobby monitor. Many adopters will pay this forward and sponsor another animal when they discover that their new forever pet is sponsored by someone else. Contact our Service Advisor at 802-375-2898 for more information. 

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels make monthly contributions of $25 or more (or make a single annual $300 donation) to help offset the costs of animal care at the shelter. These animal-care costs include food, veterinarian exams, vaccines, flea treatments, microchips, ongoing medical treatment, spay/neuter surgeries, and even special enrichment treats as we prepare our shelter animals for their forever homes. To become a Guardian Angel, click here to submit an online form and to set up your payment plan. You can also participate in this program In Memory of or In Honor of a loved one – whether they have 2 or 4 legs! If you prefer to speak with someone at the shelter to set up monthly credit card transactions, give us a call at 802-375-2898 during regular business hours. All active Guardian Angels are prominently listed on a donor plaque in our lobby.

Kennel Club

Members of our Kennel Club make a $500 annual donation to sponsor one dog kennel in our canine care wing. These contributions are allocated to the animal-care costs associated with the dog who resides in that designated kennel, including food, ongoing medical care, microchips, enrichment treats, vaccines, and veterinary exams. For one year the kennel will have a plaque with the contributor’s name or requested inscription, and all Kennel Club participants will be listed on a donor plaque in the lobby of our facility. Click here to register and pay online or give us a call (802-375-2898) during regular business hours to enroll with the assistance of a staff member.

Inscribed Memorial Bricks

When we opened our Arlington facility in 2018, the front walkway was installed with hundreds of inscribed memorial bricks and pavers. There are still bricks and pavers available to purchase, and we place an order each June for installation by September. These are a great way to remember a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion. Simply go to Second Chance’s online form at Bricks R Us to submit your order, special inscription, and donation payment ($125 for a 4″x8″ brick, $200 for an 8″x8″ paver, and $300 for a 12″x12″ paver). The largest paver (12″x12″) is available in very limited numbers.

Sponsored Events

We have many community members who enjoy organizing fundraising events to benefit our shelter. Please contact our Executive Director at [email protected] to discuss your event and how we may be able to help promote your fundraising efforts.

Vehicle Donations

Second Chance has partnered with CARS, a national non-profit vehicle auction organization, to give our supporters the ability to donate a vehicle for auction. Proceeds from these auctions are then donated directly to SCAC along with donor information. You can complete an online form associated with SCAC or contact CARS at 855-500-7433.