Surrender Process

There are many reasons that ownership of an animal is relinquished to a shelter. At SCAC we do not pass judgement on anyone who surrenders their beloved pet (or a stray animal) to our care – this difficult choice shows that the best interest of the animal is being considered.

It is important to note that SCAC is a limited-admission shelter, and we can only accept a surrendered animal from our service area IF and WHEN we have the space. Please schedule your surrender in advance with our Feline Coordinator (802-375-2898 ext.304) or Canine Supervisor (802-375-2898 ext.305).

We attempt to make the surrender process relatively quick and easy. Please review these surrender guidelines, then contact the shelter with additional questions or to schedule an appointment.

  • Surrenders are by appointment only.
  • Only dogs, cats, or small critters can be surrendered. We do not work with wildlife, livestock, reptiles, or birds.
  • Dogs must be leashed and cats and small critters must be in carriers at the time of surrender.
  • We ask that you bring all medical records with you or authorize SCAC to contact your veterinarian to obtain these records.
  • We will provide you with a form transferring ownership to SCAC.
  • Owned cats and pregnant cats take priority over stray cats.
  • We do not charge a surrender fee but we do ask that you consider a making a donation to SCAC in lieu of a fee.
  • Priority is always given to residents of Bennington County (VT). We do accept surrenders from limited areas of Berkshire County (MA) and Washington County (NY), and if our waiting list is too long, other shelters serve these counties.
Do you have a feline mom and her litter?

Consider participating in our Spay-the-Mom program. We provide veterinary care and supplies (food, litter, etc.) while you foster the group in your home until the kittens are weaned. We will then spay and vaccinate the mom and return her to your home. We keep the kittens, prepare them for adoption, and find their loving forever homes.

The fee to participate in the Spay-the-Mom program will vary depending on services provided.

Contact our Feline Coordinator for information.

Contact our Canine Supervisor for similar information if you have a dog with puppies.